The Haunted Fairground is Back!!!

Jefferson County Fairground, West Virginia

Fall is approaching. The leaves are changing into a rainbow of colors. The cool evening air makes you shiver, as the moon climbs to show its deep orange glow just beyond the the tree line. The moonlight is casting its shadows all around you as you walk toward the Jefferson County Fairgrounds entrance. You can see faint lights in the distance and hear the screams from the buildings. You are beginning to wonder if you can make it through the maze of hallways and rooms occupied by night visions that exit here! The things that occupy these buildings seem to capture all your senses at once. It’s your turn to the door. The adventure begins as you go through the doorway into building #4, and doesn’t end until you leave the property.

The Haunting Adventure returns to Jefferson County Fairgrounds to continue testing your will to survive the horror, the dark, and the terror that lurks in every corner of your imagination. The Challenge for YOU is to complete the adventure, without screaming for mercy!

Brave Enough? We’ll find out!